Free IP geolocation API with OS fingerprints

Why another IP geolocation service?

Our team serve dozens of businesses and we use IP lookup APIs in our everyday routine.
Most of publicly available services use outdated geolocation databases which is not good when you need to detect country, region and city by IP. Also, it's pretty complicated to find free service that provides OS fingerprints as well.
So, yes, it's just another IP API service. Made by engineers for engineers.
If you are not an engineer, you can still use it, we don't mind.

What are your features?

Fresh geoip databases. We update them weekly to give you new ASNs, providers, subnets and all that juicy information.
OS fingerprints. You can find more info about TCP/IP fingerprinting in Wiki. We use p0f and detect OS, MTU, network link, and number of other parameters.
No limits. We don't throttle your requests.
IPv4 / IPv6 support. You can use our service to lookup both protocol families.
High reliability. It's powered by cloud, automatic load balancing and blah-blah-blah. If this thing fails, our other businesses fail too. So it's in our interest to keep uptime as high as possible.

How does the response look like?

We use old good JSON. Check it out below.

Show me the endpoints!

These endpoints available via either HTTP or HTTPS.
Keep in mind that HTTP is always faster because of lack of SSL handshake and all that stuff. But sometimes you want to test some proxy sever with HTTP and HTTPS endpoints. Some proxy services might act differently with different protocols.

More questions?

Feel free to reach us via email [email protected].